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About Me

Graduating at the very start of the COVID pandemic, I was a bit lost on what to do with my life as things slowly shut down around me. After job hunting for a bit with no success, I returned to my hometown, Hong Kong, and started looking for work there instead.

I became an academic writing editor, where I met with writers and worked together to improve their papers and textbooks, which were eventually published. After that, I worked as an English teacher, creating coursework and educating primary school children. Through these two positions, I was able to develop my empathy with my daily interactions with those who struggled with unfamiliar concepts and ideas.

Returning to America, I spent some time really considering what I wanted to do, when a friend recommended UI/UX design. As I looked deeper into what UI/UX really was, I ended up pursuing my interests as I completed Coursera’s Google UX Design course and moved on to Springboard’s UI/UX Design bootcamp.

After seeing the frustrations of others, especially my older relatives, my goal as a designer is to create products that are accessible to each individual, regardless of limitations, such as age or language.


Usually in my free time, I can be found playing computer games (mainly League of Legends) with friends, but lately, I've been spending it on Tears of the Kingdom.

I also enjoy learning new languages, so on the weekends, I've been trying my best to get through a few of my Japanese and Korean books. I'm slowly going through 星の王子さま right now.

Other times, I'm exploring the Bay Area with my family or grabbing lunch with friends. And if I'm not in NorCal, I'm probably back in Hong Kong, searching for my favourite street food and snacks!

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